Kindy and School Readiness Program

Tara Montessori Kindy and school readiness program refers to the daily program that is implemented all year round to promote the development of skills, which are optimal for children to possess before commencing school.

Our transition to school program has additional activities that are offered towards the end of the year to help prepare children for a smooth transition to a school environment.

Tara Montessori objectives of the school readiness and transition to school program:

  • The most important factors associated with a successful start and continued learning at school relate to a child’s social and emotional development. Therefore, at Tara Montessori our primary objective is to develop and enhance children’s social and emotional development;
  • To develop skills, abilities, and characteristics which promotes children’s ability to become successful learners;
  • To familiarize children with a school environment;
  • To increase awareness of a school routines, rules, and expectations; and to develop realistic expectations of “big school”.


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