The Benefits

Qualified Staff

We recognise that high quality education and care requires skilled educators who are qualified in Montessori education. Our teachers are understanding, knowledgeable and caring individuals who create a respectful relationship between each child. Our teachers encourage and challenge children to influence and guide our pedagogical practices in their daily routines and experiences.

Engaging with the Community

Tara Montessori is a vibrant, community-minded centre with families playing a vital role. We respect and value families as our primary partner and encourage family involvement as families serve the child’s first teacher. We support children’s understanding of the community within which they live and we give them experiences in engaging with the community.


Physical Exercise

Physical activities often help to build muscles and bones. Energetic play is a natural way for children to move and be active. We invite the children to take part in our physical exercise program each day.  A yoga teacher comes to the centre to implement a program which has many benefits for the children and teachers. There are ample opportunities for developing motor skills with equipment that encourages physical activity.


Safe Environment

Our safe indoor and outdoor Environment allows children to experience quality education and care in a safe and healthy environment. Helping their physical, emotional and social, cognitive and language development.


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